Services for Job Seekers

Skills Assessment

Our Career Managers can help you to assess your strengths, skills, characteristics, resources, and interests and how they can be related to your employment goal.

Supportive Services

As part of our skills assessment, we can discuss barriers to employment and education and how to overcome them. We provide referrals to resources to help you gain and maintain employment. This may include assistance with work and school related tools and books.

Job Readiness Training

Our staff provides assistance with becoming ready for employment, including interviewing skills, resume writing, and soft skills training. Young Adults are able to complete a course which teaches skills that employers are looking for.

Occupational Skills Training

Referral to colleges, universities, and career techs that can provide education opportunities to gain a credential to gain better employment. This may include funding for training through colleges, universities, or career techs.

Additional Youth Services

Our staff also provides services to improve financial literacy, leadership development, and alternative secondary school services (to gain a High School Equivalency or GED) for our youth participants. This also includes participation incentives - getting paid for learning appropriate work ethics.

Follow Up

We want to provide the highest level of care for our participants, so we also provide follow up as a way to provide support to encourage you to reach and keep your employment and education goals.

To apply for Job Seeker Services, see our Online Application